Sole Agent 總代理 Shoei, IXS, Napoleon, Oxford, Bel-Ray
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恭賀新禧! 本公司農曆新年假期由2019年2月2日至2月10日止。2月11日(年初七)照常營業。 Happy Chinese New Year! Our store will be closed from Feb. 2 to Feb. 10 for the Lunar New Year holiday.
2018-02-02 Shoei Z-7 新花 Harmonic 現已有售
Shoei Z-7 Harmonic is now available
2018-02-12 Shoei X-14 新花 Daijiro 現已有售
Shoei X-14 Daijiro is now available
2018-12-30 Shoei Z-7 新花 Dedicated 現已有售
Shoei Z-7 Dedicated is now available
2018-12-30 Shoei Z-7 新花 Variable 現已有售
Shoei Z-7 Variable is now available
2018-11-29 Shoei Z-7 新花 Philosopher 現已有售
Shoei Z-7 Philosopher is now available
2018-10-29 Shoei X-14 新花 Marquez 5 現已有售
Shoei X-14 Marquez 5 is now available

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