Frequently Asked Questions



Q) Do you do mail order?

A) Yes, most items listed on our website are available for mail order.  Please contact us for the availability and pricing of specific items you are interested in.


) 你有否提供郵售服務?

)  網站所列的大多數貨品都可接受郵購。歡迎聯絡我們以查詢貨品有否存貨及其價錢。


Q) What kind of payment do you accept?

A) At the moment, we only accept cash or Paypal payments.


) 有什麼付款方式可選擇?

) 目前我們只可接受現金及PAYPAL付款。


Q) How can I tell if an item is in stock?

A)  Please contact us for the availability of specific sizes or models.


) 我如何知道我想要的貨物是否有存貨?

) 請聯絡我們以查詢我們有沒有你想要的型號及尺碼。


Q) Do you offer special prices for dealers/wholesalers?

A) We do offer special discount for bulk orders.  Please contact us for details.


) 你有否提供批發優惠?

) 對於大數量的訂單我們可提供折扣。欲知詳情請聯絡我們。


Q) How long will it take to receive my order?

A) Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours of confirmation/receipt of payment.


) 由下訂單至收到貨物需時多久?

) 一般來說,收到付款的二十四小時內,貨物便會寄出。


Q) If I do not see something on your website, can you special order it?

A) This usually depends on the item itself, please email or call us at 852-2380-1787, and we will let you know if we can do a special order for you.


) 如果我有興趣購買某件貨品,但它並沒有列在你們的網站上,你們有可能特別訂購嗎?

) 這要視乎個別貨品而定,請電郵或致電852-2380-1787聯絡我們。我們會通知你該項貨品是否能接受特別訂講。


Q) Do you ship internationally?

A) Yes, we ship worldwide.  Please include your shipping address in your inquiry so we can give you an estimate for the shipping charges.


) 請問你們是否可郵送到世界各地?

) 是的,請你在電郵查詢時包括你的郵寄地址,我們會通知你郵寄的估計費用。


Q) Is it safe to order from you?

A) We accept payments from Paypal, which means your payment information will remain strictly confidential. 


) 向你們訂購貨品是否安全?

) 我們接受PAYPAL付款,確保你的付款資料完全保密。


Q) Are helmet parts, such as face shields and linings, available for purchase?

A) Yes, most helmet parts are available for purchase.


) 頭盔的付件,如面罩及內襯,在可在你公司買到嗎?

) 可以,大部份的頭盔付件我們都有售。


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